A testimonial from Stuart Grimes:

“I have nothing but excellent things to say about Russell Auto Restorations. I am currently in the process of restoring a classic car that is very near and dear to me. Twenty years ago my stepfather and I were going to restore a 1973 Datsun 240Z together. Some things out of my control happened and the car ended up being kept outside on a farm in the Midwest for twenty years. That’s twenty years of Midwest weather doing its worst to a car that already wasn’t known for its rust proofing. Flash forward to 2020 and I was finally in a position where I could actually pick up where I left off with the car. I had it shipped down to Florida. Let me tell you, it was in BAD shape when I took it to Dan. He had an honest and up front conversation with me of what it might cost before any work was started.”

“The staff at Russell Auto Restorations are the best in the business! Highly talented and passionate. Lois in the front office is always smiling and keeps meticulous records. Brandon and Ted expertly performed some of the most difficult work in prepping, sanding, welding, floor pan and door installation, just to mention a few. They are fantastic! Rob has done absolutely outstanding metal work on the car. The front end, roof, and the rear hatch all desperately needed rebuilt. His work is incredible! Better than when it was brand new. Dan does an excellent job of keeping me informed of the progress with pictures and videos weekly. Every step is documented. They do things the correct way with no shortcuts. My car is just about ready to be prepped and painted. Dan and I have already talked about our next project together even though the current one isn’t finished. I highly recommend Russell Auto Restorations to anyone who wants a quality restoration project done right the first time.”