I’m Dan Russell, owner of Russell Auto Restorations in West Palm Beach, FL.

I am one of the lucky few in today’s demanding world that can truly say, I LOVE MY JOB!

It’s true. I’ve had a passion for restoring vehicles since I was 10. From paint stripping, rust removal, and body work, to engine rebuilds, classic car restorations, and show quality paint jobs, my natural tendencies of perfectionism have served me well in the industry.

From a young age, I was taught essential core values that every good business owner should possess, including honesty, loyalty, and integrity. These qualities have allowed me to turn many of my customers into lifelong friends, while keeping new referrals coming in through the doors.

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Over my many years of experience in the auto restoration industry, I’ve seen a lot of cars restored the right way, and I’ve seen a lot MORE cars restored the wrong way.

One scenario I see over and over again is when someone cuts corners on an auto restoration job with the main motive of making a profit. The storyline usually goes like this: Buyer #1 buys the car at a low initial cost, often at auction, and fixes it up just enough to make it appealing to Buyer #2, who may not know what to look for in terms of quality. Buyer #1 may have given the car a new paint job, replaced a few parts, and patched up the interior. Buyer #2 doesn’t realize that beneath the shiny paint is hidden damage, rust, and a poorly prepared base which will end up causing the paint to peel away in just a few years. This is usually about the time I meet the car. I then have to deliver the news to Buyer #2 that to restore the car the RIGHT way I have to undo all of the mistakes Buyer #1 made when they opted to perform a cheap restoration job. In many cases, to restore the car properly, it will cost the new owner more than the car is worth.

Ways to prevent this from happening to you?

ALWAYS have an auto restoration expert (like me!) check out a car BEFORE you buy it.

I will help you identify the following hidden issues:

  • Evidence of previous accidents, flood damage, and fire damage
  • Hidden damage to the frame or paint
  • Rust that is not visible unless on a lift
  • Missing or damaged parts
  • Low quality paint jobs

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Details matter when it comes to quality.

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With years of experience in the automotive repair and restoration industry, we are well equipped to handle any restoration job.

1967 Camaro

Rebuild / Restoration

1953 Studebaker Commander

Rebuild / Restoration

vw beetle 1964 restoration after west palm beach fl

1964 VW Beetle

Paint Restoration

restored car russell auto restorations

1937 Ford Sedan

Paint / Rust Removal

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We treat our customers like family.

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We have worked on thousands of vehicles!

From muscle cars, to rolls royces, we have experience with all types of cars.

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“The staff at Russell Auto Restorations are the best in the business! Highly talented and passionate. They are fantastic! Dan does an excellent job of keeping me informed of the progress with pictures and videos weekly. Every step is documented. They do things the correct way with no shortcuts. I highly recommend Russell Auto Restorations to anyone who wants a quality restoration project done right the first time.”

Stuart G, Wellington, FL

“Amazing work by someone who really cares about giving his VERY BEST service to folks! Excellence, honesty and very easy to deal with, an unbeatable combination of qualities.”

Bruce Warner, Hollywood, FL
west palm beach auto repair

“Dan is a super knowledgeable guy and has been in the business for years, he painted my car and it looks amazing, we got together and he went through a bunch of colors with me until we found a cool custom color that fit exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for everything.”

Renee Vasile, West Palm Beach, FL

“I scratched and severely bent the front bumper of my BMW 5 series. I had one week to get the damage repaired. Dan and his team not only fixed the damage and perfectly matched the paint but they did it in less than a week. I was originally going to replace the part but Dan recommended that they fix it instead. The cost ended up being less than half the cost of the new part. I already have my other car being restored with these guys and would recommend them to anyone.”

Matthew Klynsmith, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
auto restoration client

“”Quality work – great staff and his shop is impressive. He truly cares about his clients. Highly recommend!!””

Kelly Annette, Palm Beach, FL
customer for auto rust removal

“Did a great job on my motorcycle, buffed out scratches, repainted with pearl and I love it.”

Branden Martin, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
auto restoration west palm beach

“These guys really know what they’re doing. Their work is impeccable!”

Jonathan Swenson, Jupiter, FL
classic car restoration review

“Solid work on my rider. The results honestly speak for themselves. Worth the trip if you’re looking for quality body work.”

Bill Lanagan, Palm Beach, FL

We can assist you with any auto restoration project!