Why it is Important for Restorative Auto Painting to Be Factory Correct

Restoration of vehicles requires patience, attention to detail, and a commitment to integrity. This is something that many have forgotten in the auto painting portion of the process. Due to my long commitment to providing pure auto restoration, I look to be factory correct with each auto paint job I provide. I do extensive research and have honed my skills to bring each car back to its original glory with the paint job I provide. If you are looking for a sincerely breathtaking, true to the original, paint job for your classic car, then you can bring it here.

Providing our customers with the highest quality auto paint jobs in West Palm Beach since 1993!

Always Show Quality and PPG Certified Auto Painting

One thing that allows me to feel confident that I am providing auto paint finishes that truly honor the vehicles I work with is my PPG certification. I provide each paint job with the highest standards of quality and commitment. Making sure that your car is ready to take to shows is incredibly important to me. I look to provide each customer with something they love to drive and show off. If you are looking for quality and integrity in your auto restoration, then contact me today.

Our Automotive Painting Projects

The Original Mini Cooper
classic studebaker

We will make sure your paint job is done right!